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Method Statement for the use of Viafix instant foul weather permanent road repair


Permanent repairs to defects in all classes of carriageway in all weather and traffic conditions should be undertaken using standard conventions and practises adopted for the use of traditional hot materials whenever possible. However, very long term defect repairs in freezing, ponded or slow running water can be achieved with Viafix and the road reopened to traffic immediately without the use of saw cuts, tack coats or mechanical compaction.

Provisos are:

  • Loose material/detritus is removed

  • Existing surrounding material is sound

  • Correct Viafix grade is used to level any edge gradient to flush

  • Accurate volume of loose Viafix (approx 20% surcharge) is placed to achieve full density and level/flush surface following hand/traffic compaction or both.


EMERGENCY REPAIRS can be undertaken to achieve long term temporary fixes in similar conditions without any preparation of the defect or hand compaction of Viafix



  • Correct volume (approx 20% surcharge) and grade of Viafix must be placed in the defect.

Remedial action to repairs.

In both cases failure to apply correct volume to achieve level/flush surfaces following compaction can be easily remedied by the placing of additional Viafix which will be accepted and bonded into the previously compacted Viafix.

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