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Case Study 3. Mission Impossible: 10 second permanent repair in the wet. 

In order to demonstrate the incomparable performance of Viafix, Viatec always ask for a ‘nightmare scenario’ for demonstrations, and in this case we were certainly obliged. The client did not believe we could make the permanent repair without major traffic management.  We proved them wrong and went one better, making the repair (June 2010) whilst the traffic lights changed on a high-speed 3-way junction. The cost of the material for the repair was around £12.

Junction A560/M60 slip road. Defect with inset close-up. Wet conditions - no sweeping out, no tack-coating.

Traffic light Red phase: Viafix tipped in by hand and roughly levelled by foot.

Traffic light Green Phase: Compaction by traffic without rutting or plucking to create a level running surface with good skid resistance.

Site revisit Aug 2012 shows                  intact repair still in situ

Location of pothole

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