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Case Study 4: Bridge Deck Repair

This repair, made on M4 Severn Bridge in 2008, demonstrated how effective Viafix is for repairing bridge decks and joints. The process couldn’t have been easier, firstly loose material was cleared-out, but standing water presented no problem (1). Secondly (2) Viafix was poured from the bag and bucket by hand and levelled out with a trowel (its’ superior pliability allows it to spread like hot-mix). The next stage (3) was to add water to begin the curing reaction. Viafix was then (4) compacted, which can be done by hand, plate or roller. Emergency repairs are simpler still, by placing Viafis into the defect and allowing compaction from the traffic once in place.  The road was then opened to traffic immediately (5) showing how Viafix is a perfect solution for repairing wet, busy carriageways with little disruption (6).







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